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3/11/2014-Performance TONIGHT at 8pm, wedding videos, and recent TV appearance videos

I have some wonderful news! I just got married! My husband Jim Coniglio and I are very happy with our wedding celebration that we had on February 23rd in California and we look forward to our NYC wedding this Saturday, March 15th. In the link below are two videos of our wedding.

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2/10/2014-Katie Couric Show, Obsession: Dark Desires, and Viewing Party

I have a very exciting week! This Tuesday I will be appearing live on THE KATIE COURIC SHOW and my cyber stalking case will be told in an hour long episode on INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY in a new series called OBSESSION: DARK DESIRES. Click on the below link for more details!


12/30/2013-Let’s end 2013 with a BANG


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
I ended 2013 with a BANG! The man that cyber-stalked me for 6 years was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in jail. This is the first international cyber stalking conviction and sentence in history. I am proud that justice was served.
I also am Co-founder and President of The Alliance Against Cybercrime. We are a non-profit anti cybercrime organization.
The hard copy version of my book “STALKING A DIVA” is out!

Please click on the link below to read and see more details about everything!

Happy Holidays!


Conviction Reached in Landmark International Cyber Stalking Case Involving Singer Leandra Ramm

Leandra Ramm picture, wearing orange shirt frontal middle close upSinger Leandra Ramm was cyber stalked by Colin Mak for 6 years and his fate has finally been reached in Singapore in the first international cyber stalking conviction


According to Channel News Asia*, and Yahoo News Singapore** 38-year-old Singaporean Colin Mak Yew Loong admitted in court, Wednesday, December 4th, 2013, to 31 counts of criminal intimidation of American singer Leandra Ramm from 2005 to 2011.
Leandra Ramm claims her life was almost destroyed by a man she had never met. According to The Straits Times***, Mak threatened to kill her, her family, her friends – and even sending pictures of the gun he swore he would use to do it.
Lack of comprehensive international legislation to counter cross-border stalking meant that Leandra had to survive six years of psychological terrorism before the authorities brought the perpetrator to justice as stated in The Examiner****.
Ms Ramm says her nightmare began in 2005 when Mak contacted her pretending to be someone who could help her with her music career as also noted in The Real Singapore*****. According to a report by Huffington Post******, “Ramm got offered a spot at the Singapore Music Festival and jumped at the opportunity. But it wasn’t real [the offer and the festival]. The offer came from a man named Colin [Mak], a wanted criminal in Singapore.”
According to Asia One News*******, he then manipulated and tortured her through emails culminating in sending death threats via emails and voice messages. Ms Ramm claims he also tracked her to a cruise ship where she was working and sent messages and emails pretending to be on board and preparing to imminently attack her.
Ms Ramm says she worked with international organisations including the FBI and the UK Charity Network for Surviving Stalking to track her perpetrator to Singapore and put pressure on the authorities there to arrest Mak.
“When I woke up this morning to see that Colin was finally convicted, I knew this nightmare was finally over. I am proud of myself for fighting for justice and sticking with this case until the end, not giving up,” said Leandra.
“This is a landmark case in the fact that Colin Mak was convicted for cyber stalking despite international borders. The internet is one place, and finally my case has proven that. This case has impacted my life on many levels.
At first I was a helpless victim whose life and career were ruined, then I became a survivor and a woman determined to stop this even though authorities said there is nothing they can do repeatedly.
Finally, I am now an advocate and co-founder of a non-profit organization The Alliance Against Cybercrime with our first project being The Ramm Initiative, to help other victims and amend current cyber crime laws.”
The international cyberstalking case is believed to be the first of its kind.
“It is the first one I have heard of and should give victims the courage to come forward. It just goes to show these cowardly people who carry out this kind of behaviour that it is a criminal offence and that you cannot hide from justice,” says Rhory Robertson, a Partner in Collyer Bristow, a London law firm specialising in cyberstalking cases.
According to The Malaysia Chronicle********, besides harassing Ms Ramm, Mak also admitted to 11 other offences, including intentional harassment and criminal trespass.
According to Channel News Asia, in his submissions, prosecutor Alan Hu said this is an “aggravated case involving numerous charges.”
He stressed that the offences were committed over a long period of time and asked for a global sentence of two to four years’ jail.
As stated in Today Online*********, for criminal intimidation, Mak can be jailed up to seven years and fined on each count.
He is expected to be sentenced on December 13th.

To watch a video of Leandra Ramm on ‘My Life Is A Lifetime Movie’ click  HERE

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Leandra Ramm is an international opera singer, dancer, actress and model. She has written a book about her ordeal called Stalking a Diva.
For more information on Leandra please visit:
Leandra is based in California at the moment but is happy to travel to NYC or elsewhere.
For further information please call Alexis Bowater, Bowater Communications, on 00 44 7786 362454
For further information on stalking please visit the websites
The National Centre for Cyberstalking Research:
The National Stalking Clinic: